Swiss Art Director & Motion Designer


Every element has its place.

My artwork requires a very Swiss-like precision and attention to detail. It is what enables me to break down time and motion into millimeters and milliseconds to encapsulate that perfect moment
that tells that story.

A story, as simple as a roasting marshmallow over a fire framed by Christmas stockings and evergreens. Then syncing that image with the most magical snap, crackle, pop sound to nail the nostalgia and the feel of the moment. When it comes to art, I’ll leave nonconformist and controversial art expression to others.


My concern is to work within the confines of light, repetition, and elemental precision in order to achieve the perfect frame, the perfect moment, the perfect experience.

I guess I’m a bit of an illusionist, photographing and positioning objects in a successive series of positions to suggest an idea or image that is full of life and energy. I remember the first time I saw the talking clay figures of Wallace and Gromit, eating cheese on the moon. I was hooked.
The idea of taking elements of everyday normal life and reordering them contextually to create an entirely different version of life and the world is empowering for the artist.


As an animator, I’d say that I’m naturally drawn to quirky, humouristic takes on normal everyday actions. At the core of my artwork is the desire to capture the lightheartedness of a situation or subject that I’m working with.


Blah, Blah, Blau. Blau? Greta? No Blau.

Multi-award winning Dylan Blau and his business partner Alex Ramsey recently set up shop in New York’s Long Island City neighborhood. The pair, two premium freelancers, decided to join up and create CrossCut late last year and are now leading the pack in on-demand visual storytelling.

Swiss-born Stop Motion Art Animator Blau, came to New York in 2018 after his talent was recognized by the publishing giant, Conde’Nast where he met and worked alongside Alex Ramsey as a motion artist with a flair for video editing.

The two much sought after talents have worked together and independently for brands such as Vice, New York Times, Samsung, Dunkin’, Amazon, Jack Daniel’s John Deere.



They decided to establish CrossCut to fill the void of the much-needed hybrid production house for brand productions. “The trend toward the Paramount, Warner production house approach for brands was well underway pre-pandemic,” says company president, Blau, “but now brands are living in serial production mode and they need instant, pump out of high-quality film and animation.” (Transition).

Seems like everyone. Yeah, everyone is a pixelated professional storyteller; A Paolo Sorrentino of the Tik Tok short; A 3D animator with a designers’ eye and skin in the game. “ Just look at the amount of “campaigning” out there right now with everyone from Airbnb toTik Tok E Boys. It’s crowded, dude.”

CrossCut isn’t everyone. It’s the one for top brands who need to keep their biz viz in visible shape.



As 36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet.




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Mr. Blau is extremely talented, creative and technically superb in both animation and editing. He has worked with many major companies to help create short ads and promote their products, including Chrysler and Rolls Royce. Mr. Blau’s animations are unique and entertaining for audiences of all ages and this proves to the amount of passion Mr. Blau has for the work he does.

Wahyu (Pinot) Ichwandardi
Senior Content Creator, Vaynermedia


Because of his incredible skill set and extraordinary ability, Mr. Blau is highly sought-after and well-renowned globally for his talents and expertise, including U.S. companies which seek to work with him. Mr. Blau is clearly an artist with astonishing talent, an eye for creativity and passion for the work he does, which has catapulted him to the top of his profession.

Ashley Guckert
Director of operations, Vox Media